The University of Cambridge in the UK invites applications for the Peterhouse Graduate Studentship competition for the 2021/22 academic year. Peterhouse Graduate Studentships will normally be held for the normal duration of a research student’s degree, up to a maximum of four years. Students may be funded for a one-year MPhil on the condition that they intend to be candidates for the PhD, for which they will receive a maximum of three years of funding.

Each year Peterhouse awards around 12-14 Graduate Studentships, tenable for the normal duration of a graduate degree, up to a maximum of three years. They are full awards, covering both fees and maintenance and are open to both PhD and Masters students in any subject.

Worth of Award

  • Studentships will be held for the normal duration of the degree. Students may be funded for a one-year MPhil on the condition that they intend to be candidates for the PhD. Studentships may also be held for a three-year PhD, or for a three-plus one year MPhil plus PhD, as appropriate for the academic field.
  • The value of the studentships will depend on whether students are in receipt of other grants. If a successful applicant has no funding from other sources, then their studentship will cover University and College fees (at home/EU or overseas rates) and maintenance at the same level as the Arts and Humanities Research Council awards (currently £15,009 per year for doctoral students, and pro-rata per year for MPhil students). This is what is meant by ‘full funding’.
  • Successful applicants who have grants from other sources will receive some proportion of full funding to ensure they are able to study.


  • To be eligible for a Peterhouse studentship, you must be accepted as a graduate student by the University of Cambridge. So you must submit an application through the Board of Graduate Studies. Note that your application for a PhD is made to the University and not to Peterhouse. You can make your application for Peterhouse Graduate Studentships at the same time as your university application. You must meet whatever criteria are specified by the University and the department to which you apply.
  • Successful applicants must study at Peterhouse. In your University application for admission, you do not need to nominate Peterhouse as your preferred College, but if you are awarded and accept a Peterhouse studentship, you will have to change colleges to Peterhouse.
  • PhD students who have already started their doctoral studies are eligible only if they are already members of Peterhouse.
  • You need to make sure that the Faculty to which you apply also considers you for all University studentships for which you are eligible. You will find useful information on the University Graduate Funding page.
  • Students already in receipt of full funding (i.e. all University and College fees plus a maintenance grant equal to the AHRC’s postgraduate award) are not eligible to apply for a Peterhouse studentship.

How to Apply

  • Applications must be made online on their website.
  • To apply for a studentship, you must submit the details of your CV and Academic Transcripts and a short statement of your research interests. You may repeat here whatever information is required by the department or faculty to which you have applied.
  • If the department or faculty requires you to submit a piece of written work, then you must submit this too with your Peterhouse application.
  • Applicants are required to inform Peterhouse when they have been accepted (conditionally or unconditionally) by the University of Cambridge. Only students who have met the conditions required by the University will be able to take up a Peterhouse studentship.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform Peterhouse if they have been awarded any other grant, of whatever value. They wish to use their available funding to help as many students as possible study at Cambridge, so if you are awarded other studentship funding, you must let them know.
  • Candidates must provide details for two referees who have agreed to submit a reference through the website. The referees should be familiar with your work and can be the same that were nominated on the University graduate application form.

Deadline: Applications as well as the referees’ references must be received by 5.00pm on  January 15, 2021. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Please make sure that your application and your references reach them before the closing date.

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