PhD Fellowship in Religion at University of Southern Denmark in 2020

The University of Southern Denmark invites applications PhD fellowship in Total Devotion – Passions and Plots in Radical Religion in the Ancient World in the 2020/21 academic session

1 PhD fellowship is available at the Study of Religion, Department of History, University of Southern Denmark, starting January 1, 2021. The successful candidate will work within the project Total Devotion – Passions and Plots in Radical Religion in the Ancient World funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The fellowship runs for 3 years and candidates are expected to hold an MA in the study of religion, Jewish/Judaic studies, or another relevant discipline, with a specialization in the ancient world (e.g., based on courses taken or MA thesis subject). The fellowship is fully salaried and wage levels are excellent for PhD-students in Denmark

The successful candidate will work on Jewish texts from the 2nd to the 6th centuries CE, the formative era of Rabbinic Judaism. The PhD candidate is expected to develop his/her own project on radical religion, relating to the framework of the collective project and working in close cooperation with project leader Laura Feldt, who will supervise the project and collaborate closely on related 2nd Temple era texts.

A required area of research in the proposed PhD-project is narratives/texts about total devotion ideals, but a more specific focus should be more closely delimited by the applicant – e.g., martyrdom, the bond of suffering, the command to love God, etc. Possible directions of research include mapping relevant sources from the 2nd-6th centuries CE and a more detailed analysis of a selected set of sources, tracing the reception and transformation of total devotion ideals from earlier Jewish literature (e.g., Maccabees, Deuteronomy), specific emotion expressions and scripts for totalizing devotion, gender issues, or narrativity and ritualization.

The successful candidate will be attached to the section for the Study of Religion, University of Southern Denmark, but we will also collaborate with the vibrant research milieu at the Centre for Medieval Literature (CML). CML is a Danish centre of excellence founded in 2012, based jointly at SDU and at the University of York, with expertise in literary approaches and Classics, as well as late antique and medieval literature.

The expected requirements must be clearly documented in the submitted CV, otherwise applications will not be considered. The candidate should be independent, possess good interpersonal skills and be able to communicate efficiently in English both orally and in writing (as the language of the dissertation will preferably be English).

Deadline: Applications will remain open until October 1, 2020.

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